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Apologetics: (why I believe the Gospel)

Because of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Because of the effects of a relationship with Jesus in my life
Because of the effects of the Gospel in history

Because of comparison to alternative worldviews:

Orthodoxy, Gilbert K. Chesterton (PDF RTF)

Human Dignity - Vishal Mangalwadi, "Michelangelo to Freud" (MP3 Audio)

Social Reform - Vishal Mangalwadi, Truth and Social Reform (PDF RTF)


          New Testament - New International Version
          The Role of the Bible in Western Civilization - Jeff Fountain  

Call to Mission

Amy Carmichael, A Cry of Blood


Church Planting - multiplying missional communities following Jesus

Just for Fun, well mostly...

"Don't Interrupt Me, Lord, I'm Praying" - (a two-person skit) in PDF or RTF

The Gospel According to Johnny Cash

Laughter is good for the heart...

My Favourite:

Art - I know it's impossible but just a few to share my heart

Books - if I were able to bring only a few books with me for a lifetime...

    More at www.plough.com - free e-books on the Christian life, downloadable in several formats

Teaching - a short list, carefully selected and well worth listening

Prayers - of pilgrims who have gone before sharing what they have learned.

     Be encouraged also by their classic books on prayer
Quotes - important truths for living

Video clips - that matter...

Photos - for fun

Spiritual Growth:

Baker, Harold A., Visions Beyond The Veil (Osterhus Publishing)

Gibbs, Alfred P., Quiet Time to feed and replenish the soul (pamphlet)

Tozer, A.W. Knowledge of the Holy (Harper & Row, San Francisco), 1961


Adoniram Judson by John Piper in epub, mobi or PDF


100 ways to live to be 100


Writings of: