(This image is of a child before abortion.
For images of this child after abortion, search the web. They are readily available.)
The Right to Choose ... or Not?

Many argue for the 'right to choose' based on the assumption that freedom of choice - which applies to shopping, who you marry and what career you pursue - applies to all of life.

This of course is not the case. First, because, for example, we do not have the 'right to choose' whether we will pay taxes, steal, set fire to our neighbour's house or car, and many other behaviours. Secondly, because every right we own must be given us by someone.

Why then do many believe we have the 'right to choose' to kill? Some believe this about the unborn because they do not know what abortion is and does.

Yet it is vital to know because the decision affects not only ourselves but the life of the other; the creation of God whose life is at risk. Many don't want to know a) because the reality of abortion is graphic and painful to know, and b) to know makes us responsible for what we know.

So I urge you to know:


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Why do people not know? The video below is of on-the-street interviews seeking the answer to this question.



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