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January 13, 2018

Key Questions of Life

Yes, another birthday with its' related reflection and one of my favourite times of the year. Such a statement may seem strange to some but it comes in agreement with Socrates who is said to have argued at his trial "The unexamined life isn't worth living."

Last night as it turned out I listened by internet to the funeral service of my aunt Annie van Leeuwen-Westerman (95) who in good health outlived her husband Claus by 40 years. I found myself reflecting on nuances to the key questions in various stages of life.

Meaning of life - the question of youth - focuses on exploring God's objective work of creation and redemption. Meaning is not something we impose on life, cf. nihilism which suggests we create ourselves without guidelines, but worth we discover with joy was there all along, as buried treasure (Mt.13:44). Meaning is discovered as we enter the Kingdom of God, explore its riches and beauty and discover our obligations to serve our fellow man.

Purpose of life - the question of one's productive years - focuses on the why questions. "Why am I alive? Why do I do what I do? The purpose of life is to give God glory and make the glory of God known that all the world may love, reflect His glory and worship Him. God's love in Christ empowers ours.

Goal of life - the question of one's later years - focuses on the end, the goal being unity with God in Christ. Not a union which eliminates the self, as in eastern philosophies, but the unity of eternal fellowship reflected in Robert Stamps wonderful communion song: God and Man at Table are Sat Down.

I recognize that to some this may feel abstract but it isn't really, just the starting point for very practical conclusions. Nothing in life can make more of a difference for this (70 year or by reason of strength 80 year) stage of life and for what follows in eternity.

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