Good Teaching:

Os Guiness on "Time for Truth" challenges worldviews which oppose the concept of truth and highlights positive consequences of objective truth.

Peter Kreeft on How to Win the Culture War (e.g. are we at war, who is the enemy, how will we win?) and Ecumenical Jihad: Living as Salt and Light (are we different? are we willing to be different?)

J.B. Nicholson on "The Uniqueness of Christianity" explains why the Gospel is not only uniquely different from world religions but why it matters.

Dr. Rikk Watts (Regent College, Vancouver) opens history to show the transforming "Effects of the Gospel in History."

Graham Jefferson (Worthing, UK) on Forgiveness: its basis in Christ, uniquely qualified, simultaneously God and man, and its power in us, as individuals and as nations in a war-torn world: "The Difference it Makes" (with accompanying PPT and PDF).

It may be remembered in this same year (2012) the government of Nepal rejected the proposal for a "truth and reconciliation" process in that nation so torn by Marxist violence - a "truth and reconciliation" process similar to that which averted civil war in South Africa following Apartheid - because, according to the Nepalese government, "there is no basis for forgiveness in our culture."