Following Christ in Today's Challenging World...

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) wrote voluminously as one of the most respected theologians of the Catholic Church. Towards the end of his life Aquinas experienced a profound vision of God after which he never wrote again, calling earlier writings "mere straw" in comparison with the God who had encountered him so powerfully. Our relationship with the Living God matters more than anything in the human experience, and this gift is ours uniquely in Jesus Christ, who has opened the door to this relationship in His gift on the cross.

What's This All About?

Hello, my name is Murray Moerman and I'd like to invite you on a journey of discovery. This site bears my name but isn't really about me.
It's an invitation to an adventure of tremendous magnitude ...

Big Questions

The adventure begins for many with some of the "big questions" of life you may be asking. Hard questions, but important ones which need to be wrestled with for life to be lived to the full. You were made for more than to die, much more! If these questions are important to you, or particularly if they are keeping you from God, I would encourage you to begin here.


In your questions consider Christ, radical and magnificent at the centre of history and eternity. This section highlights the call of Christ to you personally and helps with barriers you may need to cross as you respond. Your positive decision changes everything and your adventure extending through life and eternity begins. Please begin here...


Following Christ means you now have a unique mission and calling, rooted in this needy world and having effects into eternity. Your calling is in fact an extension of God's "love and rescue" mission initiated in Christ. Discover your purpose in life in practical terms and pursue it, making a difference you never imagined in life and eternity. Please begin here...

Some may say, "I'm not interested in the goal you express." I respect your view. Yet I believe there is much in these pages to benefit you also. These pages do not represent all that could be said about the breadth and richness of the Gospel of God's Grace, far from it, but hopefully some of it will stimulate and encourage you in your journey.

Murray Moerman

Murray and Carol

Who is Murray Moerman?

You may say, "OK, but who are you? Why do you think you have something to contribute?"

Fair question. I'm the son of immigrants from the Netherlands to Canada following World War II. In the context of a supportive family I turned to Christ in my late teens. This site gathers the reflections of one who has followed Christ in a challenging world for 40 years. I've worked as a church planter, pastor and missionary. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. I have post-graduate degrees. When I responded to the call of Christ to follow, the first book I read after the Bible was Dietrich Bonheoffer’s Cost of Discipleship which has shaped me to this day. If you're interested in more of my story I'm happy to share it here.

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Your Journey of Discovery can be taken in 3 ways:


You can type any topic into the "Site Search" at the top of this page. Or you can explore the menu above or click on other topics I have written about ... (simply pick one)


You may be a more systematic person and prefer to read topics like chapters in a book. That works!

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You may prefer the random approach. On any page you will notice highlighted words which you can follow like a path with many choices. Jump to topics of interest by clicking on the highlighted word or phrase which interests you. Watch also for: "Something to Think About" on the top right side-bar of any page.

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Discovery Bible Study (DBS) - Making Disciples

Learn about Disciple-Making Movements!

Let us introduce you to a simple 7 step bible study focused on learning God's word, sharing and making dsiciples.

Recent Posts:

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My Heart:

People need the Lord (MP3). My desire is to encourage you to follow Christ, to know Him, to become more like Him and to find and follow your redemptive purpose and mission in life in this world in Him. This is so that you and all the world may know Him who to know is Life Eternal.

You will find personal materials and some that have been written by others I've found helpful - and I trust will be to you.

Always in Christ,


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