Loving Your Muslim Neighbour

Some followers of Jesus misunderstand their Muslim neighbours or don't understand enough about Islam to reach out to them.

This page is intended to assist.

"As Christians, we are enjoyed to love God and love people. Part of the love of both is sharing the gospel, drawing more people to God through Jesus Christ. Muslims are people - they are people God loves. It's not that God will love them when they become Christians; God loves them now. We are called to do the same. How can we love them if we don't know (about) them?"

-        J. Dudley Woodberry, Senior Professor of Islamic Studies, Fuller Seminary

Muslims vary significantly as they are affected by the cultures in which they live, by the strength of their convictions and by whether they read the Qur'an. Islam is composed of several branches. A chart outlining these branches and the countries in which they predominate can be seen here. At the same time there are a number of similarities among Muslims.

As you pray and reach out to your Muslim neighbours in the name of Jesus please remember...

Value of Love: Above all Jesus taught us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Love is more powerful than reason and understanding, and more costly. Your Muslim neighbours, practicing and non-practicing, will recognize and appreciate when they are being loved sincerely in Jesus name.

Value of Prayer: While practicing Muslims usually recite required prayers at the appointed times, those I have met value the offer to pray for their personal needs in ones own words. Often as I get to know a Muslim friend or stranger and learn of some of their challenges or needs, I offer to pray for those needs. I've not yet been turned down and usually receive sincere thanks. I would encourage you to make this your initial point of contact.

In addition, pray for Muslims based on the promises of God to Ishmael. These promises remain true because God is faithful always. Click for PDF or Word.

Ramadan: Join many followers of Jesus who pray for Muslims during Ramadan. Many Muslims pray for special revelation from God during Leilat El Qadr, the high point of Ramadan. Please click here and join many followers of Jesus who pray for this deep desire of Muslims to know God on that night.

Understanding Your Muslim Neighbour's Worldview: What grace is to the followers of Christ as central to the Gospel, law is to followers of Mohamed as central to Islam. Therefore it is important for those who love Muslims to understand the place in their lives of Sharia law.

The Qur'an teaches about Isa al Masih (Jesus the Messiah): You can also use the Qur'an to help introduce your Muslim neighbour to Isa (Jesus).

The uniqueness of Jesus in the Qur'an is outlined in PP or PDF.

A helpful process for leading a Muslim friend to see Jesus in the Qur'an as Messiah is available in PPT.

Other Resources:

Books: the following may not be readily available in your local Christian bookstore but please ask them to order a copy for you...

Grace for Muslims by Steve Bell                                       

Muslims, Christians, and Jesus by Carl Medearis

Building Bridges by Fouad Accad

Engaging Islam by Georges Houssney: Treeline Publishing, 2010. ISBN 978-0-9830485-0-3

Websites: offer general guidelines for understanding and loving your Muslim neighbour (http://www.30-days.net/islam/howto/general) as well are more specific and detailed resources including:


Peace Catalyst provides resources and understanding to stimulate peacemaking between Muslims and Christians. www.peace-catalyst.net  Ordinary Christian Sharing Good News With Ordinary Muslims   http://toxethtab.org.uk  

News from the Nations:

Africa: Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale - the remarkable story of Muslims turning to Christ in Africa. Iran: www.iran30.org  

For further resources which may help you reach your Muslim friends, please click here