slave auction

 A slave auction before Christians fought successfully to make them illegal. Despite its illegality, human trafficking remains and Christians continue to fight.

Effects of the Gospel in History

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Prefer to listen? Informal lectures by Dr. Rikk Watts of Regent College (Vancouver) on:

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Vincent Carroll & David Shiflett, Christianity on Trial: (Encounter Books, San Francisco), 2002.

Rodney Stark, For the Glory of God: How Monotheism Led to Reformations, Science, Witch-Hunts, and the End of Slavery, Princeton University Press, 2003.

Alvin J. Schmidt, How Christianity Changed the World. Zondervan, 2001, 2004. Summary here.

Jeremiah J. Johnston, Unimaginable: What Our World Would Be Like Without Christianity. Baker Books, 2017

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The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy, Robert D. Woodberry, National University of Singapore, published in the American Political Science Review Vol. 106, No. 2 May 2012. Click here for PDF.

The Halo Project studies the economic relationship in North America between funds invested by Christians in their local church and the benefits to those outside of that church, i.e. social services government need not provide. Output always exceeds input. Generally rural churches provide a higher ratio of benefit. Updated details at

A study of "social return" through African churches finds the ratio of benefit exceeds 25x:

Testimony to the power of Christ offered in the Political Arena: