Murray and Carol with Ben in 1984

Parenting can certainly be challenging, but viewed in the long term, is likely to be our greatest contribution both in our lifetime and to generations yet unborn.

How much does good parenting matter?

A great deal. Consider this example following two families through several generations...

One of these families originated with Max Juke who married a non-Christian and had 1,026 descendants:

300 died before retirement

100 became convicted criminals who spent time in jail

190 became prostitutes

100 were drunkards

336 'normal citizens'

 The other originated with Jonathan Edwards who married a Christian and had 729 descendants:

300 were pastors

 65 became college professors

 60 became authors

 13 became university presidents

  3 became congressmen

  1 served as a vice-president of USA

287 'normal citizens'

The families of which we are a part give us identity, shape our character, set our vision, and mold even generations to come.


But even if we come into the world through dysfunctional families,

by entering into covenant relationship with Jesus Christ,

       we can make a new beginning,

             start a new family line,

                  break new ground, and

  see God do a new thing which will last forever!


What a world of difference Godly parenting makes.


There are of course many complex elements to effective parenting but let us share some of the most foundational:

  • A strong and growing marriage in which both partners share a committed relationship with Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

  • A public dedication of our child to the Lord

  • Seldom have I seen more wisdom and truth regarding parenting in fewer lines than in the reflection by Dorothy Law Nolte, Children Learn What They Live

  • Parenting with the intention of providing healthy answers to the two profound questions every child asks repeatedly...

  • Protecting our children from "night terrors"

  • Discipling our Children to know and reflect Christ

  • Home schooling - is it an option to consider?

  • Facing the technology challenge with "screen-free" days

  • Teaching our children respect for their bodies from a young age - and expecting the same from others - without tipping into a fear environment. Click here for a good example of family rules for body safety.

  • Teaching our children about dating

  • In some important areas I prepared basic teaching in such diverse but critical areas as pornography and financial management.

  • The power of family meals together (guest post)