Jesus Christ

How can I believe?

"No one can attempt to understand or explain Christian theology unless he first lives close to Christ, following day by day the guidance which the Holy Spirit gives from within the depth of the Soul" A. J. Appasamy


"There are really only two ways of approaching belief. We can wait until we understand in order to believe or we can decide to believe in order that we can begin to understand. These two are not necessarily irreconcilable, but they are not easy to do together.

Much of modern study assumes that we must first understand if we are going to be able to believe. But that assumption carries with it great risk. The risk is that if we are to find God we have take a step of faith, a step which may never be taken if we insist on waiting until we can properly understand. 'Faith,' said Kierkegaard, 'wants to state the absolute, whereas reason wants to continue to reflect.'

But Christ's resurrection is beyond human understanding. It is the mysterious work of God - divine omnipotence. We humans can't do resurrection - that is the point. Only God can. So if we continually postpone belief until we 'understand,' we shall never believe. The problem is compounded because we tend to want to be in charge of the whole process.

While we are seeking truth we are in charge. When the truth is acknowledged - he is in charge.

As Bono put it in "Walk On:"


'You're packing a suitcase for a place none of us has been;

a place that has to be believed to be seen.'

So the best way to faith is to take a deep breath and dare to believe, i.e. follow."  

- Sandy Millar, Holy Trinity Brompton, London