Multiply Missional Communities

(aka church planting)

Followers of Jesus have always existed in community.

These communities do not exist for themselves but for Jesus mission.

The New Testament calls these communities "churches," a term which means essentially "communities called out to a purpose." They might as helpfully be called "missional communities."    

     Emil Brunner pointed out "The church exists by mission as a candle exists by burning."

     Dietrich Bonheoffer: "The church is the church only when it exists for others."

The process of these multiplying missional communities is often called "church planting." This process is central to fulfilling Jesus' purpose of demonstrating, pointing to and extending God's Kingdom:

"I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not overcome it."
- Jesus (Matthew 16:18)

"Every new church robs Satan of turf. Every new fellowship of believers takes away his power."
- Elijah Khoza, former witch doctor, Zululand, South Africa.

"Research and experience has shown that the most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is to plant new churches. This applies both to old ground where churches have existed for a long time and to new ground where no churches yet exist."

- C. Peter Wagner, Professor of World Missions, Fuller Theological Seminary