Jesus Christ

Is the Lord and Foundation of All


When I was a teenager and began to read the New Testament I remember coming to the conclusion that if the Gospel was true it was the most important truth in history.

The radical truth is that if Jesus is who He says He is, then He is Lord and foundation of all.

Christ is Lord and foundation of our personal lives, our families and households, our mission in life and of how the communities of those who follow Him (aka church) live out their mission.

(The following diagram uses technical terms. Feel free to 'skip it' for now if it distracts you.)



The person and work of Jesus

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Which helps us understand the purpose of God and his people in the world.

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The form and function of the church *

* Michael Frost, Alan Hirsch, The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church, Hendrickson Publishers, 2003. p.209. ISBN: 978-1-8768-2587-4

And Jesus Christ is Lord and Foundation also of business, education, politics, health care, media and every other sphere of life, society and culture.

The following diagram points to three dimensions to and through which Christ's redemptive work is intended to bring healing and grace:

  1. Every geographic region of the earth
  2. Every ethnic, cultural and lifestyle group of the earth
  3. Every human endeavour on the earth


Remember in this process that Christ's Lordship and grace is not enforced through political legislation - though righteous and gracious legislation can reflect His righteousness. Christ's Lordship and grace is not always expressed through the church as institution, though many in the church do so - but Christ's Lordship and grace is expressed through Christ living in the hearts, character and relationships of every person who receives and follows Him.