Encouragement to Prayer

Those who have gone before us can make the way easier for us as we learn to pray.

I often read a few pages of one of the books below before praying be be reminded of my utter dependency on the transforming power of prayer...

May these Christian classics on prayer and intercession strengthen your walk and intimacy with the Lord, and obedience to His mission to overcome the works of darkness, always.

Murray&Carol in 1976

(In some cases formatting is in process for easier reading when downloaded and printed. I intend to add other books. (If you'd be willing to help with formatting to increase the number of books ready to be posted, please let me know.)

All language changes over time. Please don't be put off by language styles and vocabulary with which you may not be familiar.)

Anonymous, The Kneeling Christian - in PDF or Word

Bounds, Edward M., Power Through Prayer - in PDF or Word

                                  The Possibilities of Prayer - in PDF or Word

Torrey, R.A., How to Pray- in PDF or Word

Fasting and prayer are distinct but related.

Bright, Bill, How to Fast - in PDF or Word

John Chrysostom: Do You Fast?

See also transforming prayers of those who have gone before us and quotes on the power of prayer...