To our Muslim Friends

Please consider the worth of Isa Al Masih


Final judge: Please remember the Qur'an teaches Isa Al Masih is Allah's prophet and will come again from heaven at the end of history to judge all humanity. As final prophet and judge, Isa Al Masih is to be respected, heard and obeyed by all the earth. He is not only Lord but also wonderful Lamb of God given for us to be our Saviour.

The uniqueness of Isa Al Masih in the Qur'an is outlined in PP or PDF.

The Injil: Please remember also the Qur'an calls on Muslims to read the Injil. In it you will learn the teachings and commands of Isa al Masih. You can begin by clicking here.

Dialogue: helpful books ...

Questions Muslims Ask: Muslims and Christians often don't understand each other very well. Muslims have often heard that Christians worship three gods, or that the Injil, the Christian Scripture, has been corrupted. How can mutually helpful dialogue take place?

Robert Scott of London has been seeking to facilitate such dialogue for some time. In this resulting thoughtful and respectful book, he explores common questions and objections his Muslim friends have discussed with him over the years. Ordinary Muslims can read this book to better grasp what Christians actually believe, and why. Ordinary Christians can read this book to better appreciate their Muslims friends and neighbours.

With discussion questions for both Muslims and Christians, this accessible book is a helpful foundation for understanding and conversation. Use it to start start and continue fruitful conversations with your Muslim and Christian friends.

(Rob Scott oversees international outreach at St. Helen's Bishopsgate Church in London where he hosts meetings for better understanding with Muslim and Christian partners. He previously worked in Bangladesh with World Health Organization.)

Arabic and French: Resources for our Arabic and French speaking friends are available at

Arabic and English:

Al Massira ("the Journey") is a course is in English and Arabic, focusing on the prophets.