The virus is a bad one, no doubt, and it's indirect consequences are nearly beyond measure. When we've considered and debated the contentious question of origin of the corona virus, we may yet believe John F. Kennedy's oft repeated confidence ("Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.") or we may believe Albert Einstein's more modest assessment ("No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.") Regardless, at our best and at minimum, we must begin with dignity, poise and grace: leadership exemplified by Queen Elizabeth in her brief early address here on BBC.

Additionally there is wisdom in realism about the nature of viruses, expressed briefly and well by Scott Morefield here and in more detail by Joe Rogan guest epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm here.

For those with greater capacity for detail on the nature of viruses (not small life forms but small bits of genetic code helping us adapt to our environment) and the environmental factors affecting how this virus works, listen to this fascinating interview with Dr. Zach Bush here.

Such realism leads to basics such as:

Remember your immune system - its amazing!

Yet you can strengthen your natural immune system with natural supplements:

  • Garlic

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin C

  • Natural sunlight providing vitamin D. Your blood should be at 30 units. To bring it up you can take 5000 units/day and magnesium to help absorb the vitamin D.

  • Oil of Oregano at the first sign of illness

  • Zinc helps your cells absorb the natural substances that are good for them.

  • Hesperidin also draws zinc into cells.

A friend has gathered additional information on natural remedies which help strengthen our immune system at and shares his story of overcoming covid-19:

Hydroxychloroquine can be helpful both as as a preventative to susceptibility as well as a treatment if you contract Covid-19. Surprisingly some argue against its use. To balance the scales here is

The case for Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

This Newsweek article is a good place to begin:

But there is much more...

Masks: The case against universal masking:

Reflections of a thoughtful, normal guy here.

Or visit or click here for studies on the effectiveness of masks.

Then there's the issue of "mask mouth." See New York Post.

Lockdown: What did Sweden learn? What did we learn? If we learned nothing, is it a mistake or a crime? Dennis Prager on the question here.

Vaccine: many wait for the "silver bullet." Yet we must remember no vaccine is effective for everyone. Flu vaccines help about 40% of those who receive them, even if the flu vaccine that year actually targets the strain of flu that becomes predominant. Remember, no vaccine has yet been developed for the common cold viruses, many of which are rooted in the same corona family as covid-19. Even then, when a vaccine that is only partially effective at best is trotted out, it can and will be made into a marker of political compliance.

The role of government is to advance the flourishing of society using only minimal controls. Politics however can always be enlarged simply to the art of power. Unfortunately Covid-19 provides such opportunity for goals of centralized power.

Then sadly, if we cannot muster medical realism, we seem to be left with political opportunism, ineptitude, if not outright malfeasance as expressed by Heather Mac Donald's reflections on her observations here. Dennis Prager gives a vitally needed larger historical perspective on why the current political opportunism is more dangerous than most know.

And political opportunism is wider than any national expression.

Globalism: The UN's Agenda 21 preceded Covid-19 but the virus is useful to it's purpose. Leftist Covid-19 media coverage fans the fear useful to advance globalization and submission to central power: the "global reset."

Global "Re-set" Watch this 25 min. video from Remnant News on a gathering in Switzerland where the global "reset" plan was rolled out - there was only one country which stood against it:

        Place that into the context of Agenda 21...

UN Agenda 21 - overview

Even the first few pages of preamble  gives a sense of the global control sought...


UN Agenda 21 - details


I'm a Canadian. Here is a 123 page doc outlining Canada's plans...

Agenda 2030

There has been pushback so now Agenda 2030 uses language meant to be less frightening

One dictatorship ruling every part in the world - what could possibly go wrong? The ruling elite of the utopia - like all previous idealist experiments in Marxism - would be nice people, wouldn't they? George Orwell saw the spirit of those aspiring to such rule in his classic novel 1984. Have you read it lately?

Geneva Convention: Remember the Geneva Convention? Prisoners of war are not to be isolated, lied to, treated as if they are sick if they are not, have freedom of thought.

Why are we, who are not prisoners of war, being treated by our own governments in ways that violate the Geneva Convention?

What now? More than ever, we look to God Almighty for salvation, strength and perspective.

Spiritual growth:

Spiritual deepening begins with taking time to hear God's invitation deeply: "Be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10). The best way to begin is by giving the first hour of your day to a "quiet time.

The Church, in all it's forms, can be a powerful resource. If you are a church leader click here.

Mental resilience: 

My parents survived 5 years of Nazi occupation in the Netherlands. As I child I remember many stories of the danger and stress involved. (I've posted some of their memoirs here (my father) and here (my mother). During this time they developed practices for mental health. For example, my mother's family made the commitment to speak about the war occupation for an hour a day (6-7 pm) and the rest of the day lived as normally as possible.

John Mark Comer of Bridgetown Church in Portland OR suggests these daily practices to remain healthy in body, mind and spirit:

Quiet reading and prayer, BEFORE you look at your phone, and without it

Create a way of being grateful

Physical Exercise - our bodies are important

Do something you enjoy - hobby, music, gardening, reading, new skill - keep your mind active

Connect relationally with at least one person outside your household

Limit news intake

Limit escapist behaviors (TV, food, alcohol, apps on phones, games etc)

Eric Barker, a secular blogger, offers his "How To Be Resilient: 5 Secrets To Mental Toughness (Pandemic Edition)" here. (The author normally calls himself an atheist, though he makes an exception in this post, e.g. "COVID-19 is not The Black Death. (Thank god.)"

Schooling for our children:

If covid closing of schools wasn't enough reason to home-school, watch:

Voddie Baucham Jr. - The Children of Caesar Part 1

Voddie Baucham Jr. - The Children of Caesar Part 2

Home-schooling has been around longer than the alternatives and making a resurgence. More...

If you are staying with the classroom, Catholic schools offer digital delivery resources also. Check here