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The links below are to MP3 audio files of teaching by David Watson:

Church Planting Movement (CPM) "Counter-intuitives"

By David Watson - clips from a seminar

(MP3 format)

01 General Introduction

02 Structure vs strategy

03 Counter Intuitives - Introduction

04 Buildings Kill

05 Credibility and reproduction

06 Disciple to conversion

07 Focus on a few

08 Focus on ordinary people

09 For profit services

10 Go slow to go fast

11 Inexperienced inside leaders

12 It's about discovery

13 Let the lost lead your Bible studies

14 Miracle acceleration - (I'm trying to locate this clip; if you can help, please let me know.)

15 No mass evangelism

16 Obedience is more important than knowledge

17 Share the gospel with the ready

18 Start with creation

19 The best time to plant

20 The hardest places