Moerman Family Photos

Photos of John and Corrie Moerman (1948-1960)

For their written memoirs, please click here for John's writings, and here for Corrie's.

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John and Corrie's engagement announcement and photo


(Photo taken April 20, 1945 postponed 2 years due to war)

Wedding announcement


Inside the church in Schipluiden - March 10, 1948

With John's parents, Marinus and Antje (van Vliet), below:

After the service


Then the formal wedding photos...



Leaving Rotterdam train station to emigrate to Canada. Disembarked in Montreal April 26, 1948.

Cornelius Jacob was named after Corrie's father, as Marinus (aka Murray) was named after John's father.

Marinus and Antje Moerman visit their son's family near Chatham, Canada

Though arriving in Canada with grade 8 education, John was accepted into Hope College, Holland, Michigan for 2 years, then into Western Seminary.


John and Corrie 1955

Family Photo 1957


Return visit to Holland, leaving Montreal on 'Little John's" second birthday, July 26, 1958.


Return from visit to Holland September 1958.

(Jack and John at the rail, Corrie seasick)

Family photo while pastoring Galt Reformed Church (Cambridge, Ontario)


Baptism of (I believe) son James Peter, in Galt, Ontario, January 25, 1960.

Eldest brother Andrew and wife Nell, Corrie and John

(date & setting unknown)

Move from Galt (Cambridge) to Edmonton, 1961

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