Moerman Family Photos

Photos of Corrie Moerman's family roots.

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The van Leeuwen

Family Crest

Cornelis Jakob  

Van Leeuwen


Jaapje van Vliet

married in Vlaardingen on April 29, 1914

Huis ten Dorp

Corrie Moerman was born behind the lower-left window


Corrie on her father's knee in 1927; first known picture of her.


Corrie in school (far left) in 1935

(Photo w/o circle here)

Family photo before WWII

Schipluiden windmill, similar era

Family photo with Corrie top, second from right

Family photo before emigration in 1948

(Corrie is centre, between and above her parents)

Milking in the field



The 2000 ton SS Hedel took John and Corrie, six months pregnant with Murray, on a six week voyage as immigrants to Canada, 1948.



Corrie (2nd from left) with other Dutch immigrants to Canada.

(also Weenis Sonneveld, left: Joe Waardenburg center; Coby Waardenburg, 2nd from right)

July 1949

Corrie's first flight


Van Leeuwen family


with spouses below:



The family farm from the fields behind

Corrie's parents in their retirement years


Corrie, like her mother (right) laughed easily and often.


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