Disciples who make disciples

Jesus calls us to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28).

Rivers begin with raindrops. Disciple-making movements (DMM) begin with a small number of disciples, even one small group.

Background in two short videos:

The first video shares core DMM principles.

In the second video you'll enjoy an encouraging picture of how DMM can work in real-life; a case study here.

(What about covid? Yes, even during covid! See external link or PDF)

Let's summarize the basics so far with a graphic:

Ready to Take A First Step?

You can be content at first to form one small community focused on following Jesus.

Step One - Starting your first group: page or (pdf)

When you've done so and are ready, download step 2.

Step Two - Helping others start groups: page or (pdf)

Along the way, you may have questions. Click here for FAQs (coming soon).