Moerman Family Photos

Photos of John and Corrie Moerman (1960-1988)

For their written memoirs, please click here for John's writings, and here for Corrie's.

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Family photos in Edmonton, Alberta (above: 1961; below: 1964)

Visit of Oma van Leeuwen to Edmonton

(Anne in foreground)

Clearing "bush" near Mayerthorpe

(Jim and Andy in foreground, Anne and John in background)

Birth of (I believe) Andrew Nicolas in Edmonton, Oct. 23, 1961

Anne and John on hand to welcome Opa Marinus Moerman on visit to Edmonton

20th Wedding Anniversary Photo - 1968

Serving Emmanuel Community Reformed Church in Edmonton

First grandchild, David of Jack and Grace


Their 25th wedding anniversary in Surrey


1979 or 1980 with grandchild Chris of Murray and Carol

Their 35th wedding anniversary

John and Corrie, children and grandchildren


Visit to Holland


John and Corrie with Tante Annie

(date & location of visit unknown)

John prepared the ground and Corrie loved to garden, wherever they lived.


Laundry day (Monday for many years) in Surrey



(year unknown)


Some of their handsome children (Grace, Anne, Jeanne, John, Carol, Henry)


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