Why not wait with addressing the hard questions?

Important questions, challenging questions - why wrestle with them now? Why not enjoy life and come back to such questions later?

The temptation to give our energies to easier things first is understandable, particularly if life's realities are hard (or too easy).

Yet there are good reasons for addressing them now...

If you come to important conclusions only later in life you may regret having less time left to live out the purposes of your life you discover.

Also, because one of the mysteries of life is it's unpredictability, you may find less time available than expected to address the important questions later.

(Murray and Carol in about 1976)

Murray&Carol in 1976

You may have heard the story of Archias, a Greek ruler fond of enjoying life. He grew self-absorbed and disliked by his subjects. Some plotted to kill him. Another subject learned of it and sent a messenger with a warning letter to Archias. When the messenger arrived, Archias was partying hard but the messenger was able to enter the party, give him the letter and urge him to read it at once as it spoke of "serious things." Archias tossed the letter aside saying, "serious things are for tomorrow." At the height of the party however the plot was implemented and Archias died without seeing the new day. 

The story is not a new one. Jesus spoke of the danger of assuming ample time to do the important things or make important decisions tomorrow. (Luke 12:15-21)

Should this reality produce fear or anxiety in you or me? No, simply the determination to consider Jesus today.