Moerman Family Photos

Photos of John Moerman's family roots.

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Marinus Moerman

Father of (Opa) John Moerman

Married in Vlaardingen, May 1, 1913

Antje Moerman

(van Vliet)

Mother of (Opa) John Moerman

John Moerman, age 12, following his father in the village of Schipluiden, The Netherlands


John Moerman
after milking on the farm in the Netherlands.

Last known formal photo before marriage to Corrie.

Great head of hair, Dad!

On the SS Hedel to Canada, 1948

John Moerman and Joe Waardenburg near Chatham, Ontario, 1949

John Moerman and Joe Waardenburg

Hunting 1949

John Moerman's parents from Holland visit Canada

early 1950's



John Moerman's parents visit the farm in Canada where their son is employed

(Murray and Jack on the tractor with their Dad)

John Moerman's parents return to Holland from the Chatham, Ontario train station

(Murray holding little brother Jack back from falling on the tracks)

Marinus Moerman suffered severe rheumatism, walking with two canes.

John Moerman on his 160 acres near Mayerthorpe

(purchased for $1,950 in 1961)


"Pastor John" to many

Recognizing 10 years of ministry at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Edmonton, Alberta  


Then to Monarch, Alberta

A baptism in a bathtub in Surrey, BC 
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