Moerman Family Photos

Photos of John and Corrie Moerman's Children:

Murray's Childhood

For John and Corrie's written memoirs:

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Murray at 6 months



Murray at 18 months

Murray with his Dad, 1950



Helping Dad



First drive (watched my Dad start the car and did it myself without anyone around. Car was in gear and idled forward slowly to hit the house. No damage!)

Then there were two: childcare on the farm

Don't worry, Mom comes to check

When the tomatoes are on the truck, away they go to Heinz in Leamington

Murray and Jack.

Life was good...

...but it got better. Andrew, eldest brother of John immigrates to Canada.   

Murray (above) with cousins Anne and Jack

Murray (left) with cousin Jack


Our parents help start the Reformed Church in Chatham (1951/52)


Then my parents bought an unfinished house in Charing Cross. Hey, looks who's looking out the window!

Saturday night baths, every week - whether we needed it or not


April 1952 Jack was diagnosed with meningitis and both legs were put in casts, Murray pulled him around in a wagon. For us it was a game. Wonderfully the Lord healed him! (For Mom's telling of this story, click here, go to p. 18)  


Sometimes we got to go swimming at Rondeau Park


Or enjoy sliding on the ice; skates came much later.


Then to Holland, Michigan where Dad attended Hope College


Lincoln School was across the street from our home. (Neither stand today.) These swings where one block north.


Tulip Time was the  annual spring festival. Marching bands came from considerable distances. Murray and Jack pose with one from New York 

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