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Photos of John and Corrie Moerman's Children:

Murray's Teens and College Days

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Murray has long loved to read, and mind his younger brothers, in this case, John.

 In 1961 we moved to this home in Edmonton 11623-111th Ave.


Murray soon got a paper route with the Edmonton Journal. John and Jim help with getting in shape.


Then, in 1965, a move to the 'sticks' - and new house and church building. 140 Ave & 66 St.

Grade 10

Grade 11

Handsomer by the year

Grade 12

OK, maybe a few zits


preparing for 1966 road trip from Alberta to Ontario with cousins from Blenheim

no matter how hot the day in tomato fields, there was always energy to work with cousin Jack on '58 Ford engine for '59 Chevy half-ton after supper

A 1967 Sunday afternoon...

... Murray's favourite '57 Pontiac "sleeper"

About to board a Greyhound bus to Northwestern College, September 1968


College graduation in 1972 


Seminary Graduation 1976

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