Covid is about more than covid...

Why have the days since the declaration of pandemic been so hard?

Yes there has been illness and death, lockdowns, economic disruption, masks, social distancing, vaccines, steps toward vaccine passports, and the entrance of big tech and self-appointed fact-checkers into the debate about what is true.

All that is stressful enough.

In addition, all of this is taking place in an environment some have called the "fog of war." The term refers to uncertainty, shifting narratives, censorship, the feeling we have only part of the picture and perhaps not the central part, even some kind of control of the narrative. My parents grew up in the Nazi occupation of Europe and well knew the "fog of war" in that context.

One could come to wonder if covid is about more than covid.


There are too many anomalies to ignore.

Effective treatments are squashed. Never in the history of medicine have various expressions of government told doctors which treatments they may and may not use. Such decisions have always been in the purview of the doctor-patient relationship. Not government. Never in the history of medicine have doctors been told which prescriptions they may and may not write, and if they have the courage to write them, never have pharmacists been told which prescriptions they may and may not fill. (more on political interference) Why?

Doctors are cancelled for questioning the government narrative. When a local doctor asked the government what to do when an abnormally high percentage of the 900 patients he had injected became ill he was told to remain silent. When he challenged this approach to medicine his hospital privileges were removed. (for details, click here and scroll down to "political coercion of doctors") Why such anomalies?

The only accepted treatment is a hurried, highly debatable vaccine. The vaccines failed animal trials (phase 1 of normal testing). Small phase 2 trials excluded pregnant women but went directly into phase 3 globally which include pregnant women, children and the elderly. Long term effects are unknown. For more on this debate, click here.

Historic medical and ethical standards are violated. Phase 2 and 3 drug trials are normally conducted with informed volunteers. Yet the current global phase 3 trial is not limited to volunteers, violating the Nuremberg Code which commits us to this limitation. Not only are many of us not volunteers but we also lack informed consent in that the fact sheet which normally comes with drugs is left intentionally blank. Yet we are being coerced to receive the injection or lose social privilege. Why? This is at least an anomaly and perhaps more than an anomaly.

Dots to Connect?

What more could there be to it than a series of unprecedented anomalies? Is this all simply benign bumbling or are we being played in some larger context or purpose?

One cannot, of course, say for sure in the "fog of war." Yet we have important hints pointing to possibilities...

First there is the question of origin. Was the virus simply a natural accident or was it produced in "gain-of-function" laboratory experiments? If the latter, then our crisis is most accurately seen as bio-warfare, which may have accidentally escaped from a lab. But why was this gain of function experiment allowed to continue and what is the purpose of what has been initiated? (Research on origin)

Is there evidence of planning or direction of the path we are on? Many have pointed to Event 201 in which a global pandemic was "gamed out" from a management perspective just months before the pandemic was announced and made official. Perhaps this was only a coincidence. Others have pointed out the long-standing and public desire for a global reset urged by national leaders during annual meetings in Devos, Switzerland and the Global Economic Forum.

Centralized control. Historically we have lived in a world of competing interests and narratives. Since the first quarter of 2020 a world of checks and balances seems no longer to function. Signatories to the World Health Organization (194 nations) enforce its directives in near lock-step by legal obligation. Government and big tech work together to control the narrative. The few national leaders opposing the vaccine have mysteriously died. The march to global use of digital apps serving as passports for social privilege is well underway.


Where does this leave us?

Some will quibble with details and interpretation of how I've expressed some of my observations but my hope is even some holding to other narratives will concede, "I can follow your line of thought, even if parts require more thought and research." Let's keep the dialogue going. To that end, I suggest we read from sources outside mainstream, including those with which we may disagree, and continue to ask basic questions such as:

  • What do I see?

  • What does it mean?

  • Am I motivated primarily by the question, "what do others think?" or by the question "what is true?"

  • In light of this, what course should I chart?


Where are we going?

I say this to move transparently from observation to speculation seeking to find an answer to the question, why is all this taking place?

It seems to me there is a desire for a global database in which all people will participate. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer executive, like many others, searched for a benign explanation linking the anomalies. You may find linkages between your search and his (interview).

The progression seems to be this: covid leads to vaccines, vaccines lead to passports, passports lead to global data base.

It is far from science fiction for the global database to connect with the health passport app on our phones. The usefulness of the app can easily be expanded to digital currency via blockchain. We are global citizens. It makes sense then for global taxation to be introduced to combat global problems. Climate control would be a popular choice, taken directly from your digital phone app account. Catherine Austin Fitts, who has served in high finance roles in business and the US government, interviewed here.

In some countries centralized control apps are already universal with links not only to health management but also to social compliance scores. Purposely or inadvertently, many principles of mass social psychology appear to be widely applied.

It seems to me that Covid is (or has become) a political goal built on a medical need created by a bioweapon. (By bioweapon, I mean gain-of-function research not legal under the 1975 convention against bioweapons and therefore outsourced to another country.)

Hopefully I'm proven wrong

No one hopes I'm wrong more than me. No one will be quicker to celebrate the acknowledgement of my error than me. May we all wake up one morning to learn it's all over, all the bioweapon labs in the world have been dismantled, centralized digital control is gone, and we can move on.

If this fervent hope is unrealized, I believe it will be helpful to gather with like-minded friends to process responses to our global reset and support one another in the process.