Moerman Family Photos

Photos of John and Corrie Moerman's Children:

Jim and Babette and Family

For their written memoirs, please click here for John's writings, and here for Corrie's.

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1984, Early days at Grace Reformed Church on Grosvenor Road (with Ralph Spyker)

1985, Jim's Ordination (left to right - John de Haan, Marinus Van Prattenburg, John Opmeer, Murray, Dad)

1986, Wedding Day!  Song: "You Are Flesh of My Flesh"


1986, Wedding Day!  The Receiving Line

1992, Jim leads worship (with David)

1993, Jim & Babette at Andy & Terri's Wedding Reception

1993, Welcome Benjamin!

1995, Jim & Babette visit Niagara Falls after candidating for the Executive Secretary's position

1996, in Paris, Ontario.  From left to right - Matthew Mooy, Benjamin, David, Rachel, Jordan Mooy

1996, in Paris, Ontario.  Sarah and David enjoy the new baby chicks.

 1997, in Paris, Ontario.  Thumbs-Up for David's 8th Birthday!

1998, Rachel, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

1998, David, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

1998, Sarah, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

1998, Benjamin, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

1998, Esther, Central Baptist Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

1998, Esther and Babette

2000, visiting Uncle Murray & Auntie Carol's hobby farm

2003, Mom and Jim, "Paz zup, h'oer!"

2006, Babette's surprise 40th Birthday party at Grace Community Church

2009, Jim re-proposes to Babette at "Lover's Lane" in Huis 'ten Dorp, in Schipluiden, Holland

2010, in Hawaii (Maui) celebrating Jim's "Hawaii 5-0"

2010, Team Moerman (Langley)



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