Corrie Moerman from 1998 to 2008 Following the death of John Moerman

For their written memoirs, please click here for John's writings, and here for Corrie's.

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This pictorial summary of John and Corrie's 55 years was prepared for John's memorial service in 1998. Corrie keep them with her to the end.

After her move from Mayerthorpe to Maple Ridge, BC, Oma came to enjoy her 'hookie' in a basement suite with Murray and Carol

She loved to garden, even when she was tired and even after her first stroke.

She had several 'resting spots' from which she would survey the fruit of her labour...

She enjoyed visits from her grandchildren. And visits to her Alberta family - 2001 reunion (below)

She enjoyed laughing again

The "call button" was around her neck but she never used it. (2002)

Evening meals she shared with Murray and Carol's family

Sundays were especially special partly because of Carol's desserts! (2003)

Mom was able to travel to Calgary for Shaun and Naomi's wedding in 2003. She and Jim enjoyed a moment outside the ice cream shop!


Mom's 80th Birthday, just a few days before her 2nd and more serious stroke.

April 20, 2005

July 2005 we had a 'hoedown' offering wagon rides to the children. Afterwards we lifted Mom's wheelchair on board too and took her for "a spin!"


Jack came from Edmonton on a surprise visit!

Then came the time for Mom to move from the nursing home in Surrey, BC to Rivercrest in Fort Saskatchewan

The days were more difficult there but Anne, Stacy and Jack helped brighten her days.

Mom's 82nd birthday celebration.

We love to remember her this way!

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