Moerman Family Photos

Jord and Kaylee's Family

Their firstborn!

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In the beginning...

During Oma's birthday celebration Jord and Kaylee gave her this wonderful book!

Inside was an announcement even more wonderful!

The official Facebook announcement was posted - without text! - on June 15, 2015.

August 10, 2015 Jord and Kaylee invited friends to share the results of their most recent ultrasound - a "gender reveal" party!

After a BBQ supper the box was opened releasing blue balloons!

Happy grandparents had guessed (colored clothes-pins selected earlier)

He's arrived!

Rhett Calvin!

From Rhett's maternal great-grandmother: the Gift of Life and the Foundation of Parenting

Oma with Rhett


Opa with Rhett

Father's Day 2016

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