Surprise Announcement!

On April 26, 2015, during a family birthday celebration for Carol's 63rd birthday, Jordan and Kaylee gave Carol two gifts: a milk frother for coffee (which got a lot of attention because special coffee is one of Carol's favorite things) and, almost unobtrusively, a small book that looks like this:

Carol looked at the cover and paged through the book - a perennial favourite - and thanked Jord and Kaylee. What she didn't notice was an inscription on the inside cover - just visible through the front cover (above, can you see it?).

Jord and Kaylee suggested to turn to the 2nd page and read the inscription. She did. This is what she found:

Pandemonium! Hugs and kisses! Phone calls to Alberta to let Ben and Amber, Matt and Chantalle - who guessed right off - and Melanie (who had stayed extra days to help Amber with Alia)! And now ongoing anticipation!

The official news to the world was posted on Facebook June 15, 2015 with this picture - without text - and everyone understood with joy!

What's next? More pictures and updates posted here!