Reality of Evil

The existence of evil is denied or ignored by some, considered the greatest problem in philosophy by others, engaged as a battle unto death by others.

Please consider the following ...

Murray and Carol 1976

Denial of Evil: A friend wrote: "Pondering - darkness doesn't exist, it's just the absence of light. There is no evil, just a lack of goodness. hmmmm"

If we were limited to logic, that could follow, we'd have no way of knowing because logic works both ways, good could be the absence of evil. The reality in history and experience however is that evil is real, intentional, personal and proactive. If we take the view evil doesn't exist we remain vulnerable. Satan is ok with that; I remember a rhyme in Satan's words:

"Aha, I've got your mind.

You think I don't exist, that's why you don't resist.

I've got your mind."

But "the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the work of the Devil." (1 John 3:8)

Nature of Evil: "Neither evil nor the devil were 'in the beginning'. Evil is a misuse of good. It appeared in history at an unknown date, when a being called the Lightbearer (Lucifer), 'the anointed cherub', took advantage of the endowment of free will (the highest endowment in the universe, for only such can be God's fellows), and led his host in revolt against the basic law of God's nature, self-giving love, to found a new kingdom grounded in its perversion, self-seeking love. Thus Lucifer, angel of light, became Satan, prince of darkness. Good became evil.... Satan originated nothing, but was merely the misdirector, misuser, usurper of a nature whose endowments and capacities were originally created to manifest the glory of God. - Norman Grubb, Touching the Invisible, Chapter 9

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