Affirming our Married Children

During Melanie and Ryan's marriage reception, when parents were invited to speak, I shared these words in love from my heart:

      "Ryan, welcome to the family!

      I trust you with Melanie. I don't say that lightly but I say it to you, and without reservation.


      When we talked the day you told me you wanted to ask Melanie to be your bride I asked only one thing of you.


      I didn't ask that you provide for her, though I know you will. I didn't ask that you be sensitive to her, though I know you will.


      I asked only one thing of you - that you follow Christ wholeheartedly in a way that you are always intentionally growing, seeking, obeying, pursuing and following hard after Christ. In Him you and your marriage and your family is safe and blessed.

      Melanie, you will always be the only little girl in my heart, you remember the Steve and Anne Chapman song. Yes, I'm still your sentimental Dad. Probably always will be.


      But you've grown up and I'm proud of you, and some things will never change. But as much as I've loved you, Ryan is now your covering and protection, the one whose you are.


      Mom and I bless your marriage union and the family you and Ryan become today.  


      So welcome to the family and welcome to your own, new family in which Mom and I rejoice!


      We love you and always will."