Matt and Chantalle Moerman

Canaan's Photo Gallery

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Canaan's first swim!


A bit apprehensive? "Of course, it's my first carseat!"

Canaan's got hair!

Canaan and Kai - handsome dudes!

"I think I like bath I?"

Ah...a cosy towel, much better!

An Opa ride!

Hey Mom, I think I'm onto something - blueberry shampoo - great aye?!

Guess who's wanting to walk!?

(April 2010)

Happy memories of a great summer! (July 2010)

Opa hopes Canaan enjoyed his first tractor ride as much as Opa did!

Canaan also had an electrifying experience on the trampoline ...

... and is learning how to make good use of a dolly

Sometimes he ponders the mysteries of life ...

Jus sittin' in the punkin' patch!

Sometimes Opa gets to talk with Canaan on skype

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