Avi Sophia Landry Moerman

We're so proud of our wonderful grand-daughter - tough and pretty.

Here's Avi enjoying an Alberta winter day!

Please see below for newborn photos or, for later pictures, click on "photo gallery" one.

Tuesday December 20, 2011: Matt phoned at 5:30 am for back-up child care for Canaan while he and Chantalle went to the hospital. Carol left by 5:45 am and an hour later Avi Sophia was born, weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz, 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Initially it appeared Avi Sophia was having a bit of difficulty breathing, possibly due to a lung compressed through the birth canal but her breathing cleared up after a few minutes. Providentially, our daughter Melanie started her shift in the maternity ward at 7:30 am. At 8:30 am proud big brother Canaan called Opa to announce he had a baby sister! 9:30 am Matt called to say all was well and that Avi Sophia would welcome visitors after noon. Yes, and all this to top off Carol and my 36th anniversary today!

Our prayer is that Avi (Hebrew: "my Father") will grow to be a woman of Godly wisdom (Sophia), deeply centred in Christ, with compassion for all.

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Chantalle patiently awaiting the blessed event!

 First photo - Avi Sophia blinking at the lights in her new world!

Chantalle soon after Avi's birth, with Melanie in background



Matt, the proud and happy father of Avi!


Chantalle's father, Robert, with Carol during Canaan's introduction to his baby sister!

Uncle Ben arrived from Calgary to celebrate with the family


Our princess!

What can I say?

Oma doting on Avi

Tuesday December 13, 2011: We'd arrived in Maple Ridge a few days ago, Opa had three teeth removed earlier today and was quietly working on email when Oma skyped (7:25 pm) "We have regular contractions every 12 min" - then rather quickly afterwards "4 minutes" - so we're expecting the blessed event may yet take place today. Oma came by for her night things and returned to watch Canaan while Matt took Chantalle to Maple Ridge Hospital. But it was not to be today so Matt and Chantalle returned home to wait a little longer.