Moerman Family Video

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When our children were pre-school and being home-schooled we bought one of the early video recorders - some will remember the big ones which recorded directly onto VHS cassette (tapes larger than current camcorders).

All are 30 - 60 second clips I'd taken from those cassettes thinking one or more might be appropriate for Chris and Julie's wedding - and here they are for you:

Some browsers will play on-line (if you have a good connection and patience), otherwise you should "right-click" and down load.

Chris, Ben, Matt and Melanie face-painting at Stanley Park zoo

Carol, Chris, Ben and Matt ocean swimming, and in a canoe,

Chris and Ben in a paddle boat and, a little bored, on a motoring sailboat, (with briefest appearance of Jordan)

Chris, Ben and Matt deciding who should row in an inflatable raft, later at an evening wiener roast,

Carol took Chris, Ben and Matt to Sechelt, BC to visit Lance and Derek Cummings - entering the cold water, enjoying it shallow and deeper - then for a romp in the woods.


(Chris with polar bear & more please, )