Jude Matthew Clarke Moerman

Born Monday March 31, 2014 at 8:45am weighing in at 7 lbs. 5 oz.

Thanks to the Lord for the wonder of it all! (Psalm 8)

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Early Monday morning Julie woke with first onset of labour. By 5:30 am everyone was up, Melanie had called off her maternity shift at Abbotsford Hospital to join Julie at Maple Ridge Hospital and Julie's mother Lyza and sister-in-law Lori had arrived from White Rock. By 6:30 am a small caravan left for the hospital in a cloud of dust (well, maybe rain) about 6:30 am with contractions at 3 minutes. At 8:45 am Jude, propelled by only one major push, had arrived into the world. Both Julie and Jude are in excellent form.

At 10:00 am Murray brought Kai to meet his baby brother. Kai's first tentative question was "Is he real?" That being established Kai wanted to hold Jude and had lots of questions - about Jude's umbilical cord, Mom's IV tube, why the baby wasn't crying and more. When someone suggested Jude was "funny looking" Kai took issue: "he's not funny looking, he's beautiful" and after an apology: "that's better."

Kai has lots of questions about baby Jude

Grandad John Clarke help Kai hold baby Jude.

Oma Carol has been looking forward to this day!

Everyone appreciates Auntie Mel, Julie's labour coach


After 5 days Jude is ready for his first wedding (Uncle Ben and Aunt Amber) Jude's big brother is proud of him!
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