Murray and Carol

"Whole Nation" Church Planting Strategy in Canada

The dissertation (below) was prompted by the vision of a cooperative effort on the part of the entire church in the nation to reach every people group and geographic area for Christ. 

Murray Moerman, "The 'Discipling a Whole Nation' Challenge for Canada" - D. Min. Dissertation. Fuller Seminary, Pasadena CA, 1991

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PDF   RTF  Intro                                   
PDF   RTF  Chapter 1 -  A Theology of Church Growth
PDF   RTF  Chapter 2 - The Work of Evangelism and Church Planting
PDF   RTF  Chapter 3 - The Need for a Canadian "Whole Nation" Church Planting Strategy
PDF   RTF  Chapter 4 - Research Methodology
PDF   RTF  Chapter 5 - Priority Needs for New Church Planting
PDF   RTF  Chapter 6 - Practical Steps Toward Planting 6,700 New Canadian Churches
PDF   RTF  Conclusion
PDF   RTF  Bibliography

1996 - 2005 were then devoted to facilitating a movement in Canada to pursue this vision and strategy (including "Church Planting Canada" publications, here). 

2006 - 2010 were devoted to encouraging a similar strategy in Europe while serving new and existing teams as Area Director for One Challenge.

2009 to the present have been committed to enlarging the strategy through