Travel/Supporting missions/Cross cultural awareness (Amber)

I came into the family about 2 and a half years ago. When first met Ben I was pretty excited to find out that we shared a love for travel and seeing the world, but then I met his parents and realized that they far exceeded the number of places that either Ben or I or any of their kids combined have been to. I first met Murray and Carol overseas in fact, in Spain. I soon came to realize what a positive outlook they carry regardless of the situations that they find themselves in. As soon as we arrived at our lodging, Carol and I, both of us who would consider ourselves well-traveled, got scammed into “lending” another tourist some money. Of course we didn’t get that back and we were both a little sheepish by the fact that we should’ve seen that coming. Anyway, although frustrated, Carol was able to laugh it off and consider it an experience and a funny memory. They have an ability to truly enjoy new places and people and Carol can often be heard quoting “Who gets to do this?” as way to express how amazing these experiences truly are.

Although they love to travel and experience new places, it’s not simply a love of other countries and adventure that has lead them around the world. On the contrary, their motivation comes out of their belief that “God so loved the world…” and this is where their love for the world also come from. As many of you know, Murray and Carol have been working with GCPN, a ministry they started with the vision of accelerating church planting globally, and seeing every people group discipled. They have worked hard to ensure that national leaders take the key roles in facilitating church planting and discipling their own people. I think this demonstrates how they strive to honour and treat all people as equals. Murray and Carol truly value and intentionally aim to learn about and appreciate other cultures. They are some of the most interesting people to talk to as they are able to give valuable perspectives and often first-hand insights into current global events, history and understanding people of other cultures.

I am not sure they are going to stop travelling anytime soon. Something they have recommend to us, is to get out of our own culture at least every 5 years. Hopefully we will have a chance to do some of that also.